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Live Sound

We offer wide range of live sound and visual services throughout Myrtle Beach & Horry County from solo artists to bands & events. Let us know what you need and we will get back to ASAP.

Minimum Standard Setup:   2 - KLA181 18s &  2 - KLA12 TOPS 4000 watts!    ....Great for small clubs and venues!
We can also Double-Up  4 - KLA181 18s &  4 - KLA12 TOPS 8000 watts!    ....Geat for bigger venues or outdoor events!


The QSC KLA12 powered loudspeaker features a very efficient 1,000 watt amp module (500 watts to the 1.75" HF compression driver and 500 watts to the 12" LF woofer) . As part of the QSC K Series Family, the KLA12 utilizes award-winning K Series technology like built-in DSP processing with QSC's DEEP™ algorithm for extended bass response and GardRail™ providing amp protection and preventing unnatural clipping. The KLA12 can be used in conjunction with the QSC KLA181 subwoofer, either as a satellite speaker mounted on a pole over the KLA181, or strapped together with the KLA181 as a single flown system.

Rock Guitarist

Behringer X32: Live Digital Mixing 

 The Behringer X32 digital mixer packs everything you need to easily mix and record a live show into a compact, roadworthy chassis. With its amazing-sounding Midas-designed mic preamps, the Behringer X32 is also great for the studio. Powerful and intuitive, the Behringer X32 sports 40 processing channels and 16 mix buses, giving you the flexibility you’ve always longed for. It comes equipped for 32-channel recording, with instant compatibility with major DAWs. Its serious signal processing can be quickly configured for sessions of any size. If you’re tired of negotiating an endless sea of encoders and menus, then it’s time you tried a new approach to digital mixing: the Behringer X32.

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